Spend a week on your creative projects in a beautiful location surrounded by like-minded people

What is Creative Camp?

Creative Camp is for everyone with the ambition to create, learn and grow. If you are feeling stuck in your creation, uninspired or feel like you lack support and community. We rent a villa in a beautiful location and bring creators together. Everyone with the ambition to create is welcome, regardless of creative area. Bring a creative project to work on during the week and enjoy a good time with nice people while progressing on your project. We structure the week for everyone to set their own goals and for a bit of motivation from social accountability. Our cook will make home-cooked meals and we'll go on fun excursions in the surrounding area.

Next Camp:
Greece 15-22 Oct

🎨 - Focus on your creative projects, alone or in collaboration
🏡 - Beautiful villa in Skroponeria (90 min outside Athens)
🍜 - All inclusive delicious cooked meals
🙋 - Voluntary sharing sessions/workshops
🏖 - Pool and private beach
🚙 - Excursions (wine tasting and hiking)
💸 - 850€ (including accommodation, food and transport)

Creative Projects

Work on whatever creative project you feel like, alone or in collaboration with others. Here are a few examples of what campers have worked on.

And many more...

Schedule and Activities

Most of the time is spent working independently as you wish on your own projects. The week is structured with a planning and sharing session at the beginning where we do a creative self evaluation and set goals for ourselves. Two excursions will be planned during the week but most of the knowledge sharing will be done by everyone attending based on what knowledge, ideas and skills we have.

  • Planned Sessions I will be running sessions at the beginning of the week for your creative vision tied to goal setting, daily short updates and end-of-week session.

  • Skill Sharing These are sessions run on a voluntary basis by campers within an area they have knowledge. Examples from previous camps include macramé workshop, art class, yoga, meditation, video for social media, and many more.

  • Food Food will be cooked for everyone two times a day, a proper dinner and a simple lunch. Breakfast is also included but is self-serve.

  • Excursions Depending on interest and weather we will go out on excursions, examples include wine tasting, surfing, sightseeing or hiking.

  • Independent creation The rest of the time is spent working on your creative project and maybe take a break every once in a while to hang out by the pool.

This is an example of the schedule for a previous creative camp. The exact schedule will depend on what sharing sessions campers want to run and which excursions the group find the most interesting.

Who is this for?

  • You are curious and driven to explore ideas and want to spend your time creating.

  • You enjoy creation, either professionally or as a hobby.

  • You want to support others and share your knowledge.

  • You want to interact and get to know other people.

Who is this not for?

  • You are ONLY here to chill by the pool and have a vacation.

  • You are not open to different personalities and cultures.

  • You see this as a way to market your business.

  • You want to be served and cleaned after.


Video editing

"Every day has been super amazing, people are so nice, I love the energy, I will repeat the experience for sure"



"I think it was the first time in 5 years I have felt truly a part of a community"



"Living everyday life, feels like we are collaborating and doing the thing together"



"Having the opportunity to in a very safe and constructive environment share things that I have done. Get feedback straight away"

Next Camp:
Greece 15-22 Oct

🎨 - Focus on your creative projects, alone or in collaboration
🏡 - Beautiful villa in Skroponeria (90 min outside Athens)
🍜 - All inclusive delicious cooked meals
🙋 - Voluntary sharing sessions/workshops
🏖 - Pool and private beach
💸 - 850€ (including accommodation, food and transport)


  • Link: villa-skorponeria.com

  • Location: The villa we are renting is located close to the small town Skorponeria which is a 90 min drive from Athens google maps

  • Closest Airport: Athens

  • Space: It’s a beautiful and secluded villa with spectacular views and nature nearby. The house has a nice garden with greenery, outdoor patio, barbeque area and a swimming pool. There is a spacious living room combined with dining room, work room, kitchen and a total of 5 bedrooms and 2.5 baths.

  • Pool: The villa has a large pool with a view that you can use whenever you feel like it.

  • Private beach: The house has private beach access down the stairs through the garden in front of the house

  • Wifi: Speed is 44 Mbps.

  • Weather: The average temperature during early October is 23°C(73F) during day and 14°C(57F) at night.


850€ All inclusive

  • Accomodation: A single bed in a shared room with one more person.

  • Three daily meals: Proper home-cooked dinner, a simple cooked lunch and self-serve breakfast.

  • Drinks: 2 drinks a day (beer, wine, soda) plus more at the end-of-week party.

  • Pickup/dropoff in Athens: at the beginning and end of the week.

  • All excursions: Depending on the interest of campers and weather we will do excursion such as wine tasting, hiking or some beach time.

  • All sessions: The planning sessions and mastermind sessions run by me and all sharing sessions.


Payments will preferably be done with bank transfer (IBAN), Revolut, Paypal or Swish. Card payment is also available. A non-refundable deposit of 350€ is required to reserve your spot (only 8 spots available), the remainder of the payment will be due on 15 September.

Transportation and Check-in/out

We will pick up and drop people off in Athens at the beginning and end of the week.
Pick-up in Athens: 14.00 15th Oct
Drop-off in Athens: 12.00 (Leave house at 10.00) 22th Oct


- Bring your best self, ready to help other campers and have a good time together.
- You have the goal, attitude and ambition to create, grow and learn.
- Help support with kitchen duties and keeping common areas clean.


The living space will also be used as work space. I will try to divide the work space based on your needs. The living room and kitchen area will be for non-quiet work and the dedicated work room will be for silent work. Bring any equipment you may need, only chairs and tables are provided.

Creative Material

You will have to bring whatever tools and material you need for your projects on your own. Let us know if you have any special needs that we might be able to help out with.


You can cancel your participation in the camp before 25 July and get a full refund. After this date all deposits are non-refundable.On the 25th of July it will be determined whether the camp will happen or not depending on the amount of sign-ups. Don't book flights before this date. If the event is cancelled you will get a full refund!


  • There is Power in Creation - Creating something uniquely yours is powerful. It’s fulfilling and a great way to express emotion, ideas or just enjoy life. Put something new into the world that would not have existed if not for you.

  • Creation is for Everyone - Everyone who is good at something started out sucking. So let’s get started!

  • Community - It’s helpful to be surrounded by other creative people for motivation, feedback and good times. Social accountability is not to be underestimated.

  • Finish Something - Getting something completed and out into the world is more important than endless planning and hypothesising. Nothing will ever be perfect, so at som point we have to accept "good enough".

  • Expand Viewpoint - Creation is done best with a mix of focused work, letting the mind wander and incorporating other’s opinions and ideas.

Waitlist for future camps

Previous Camps

The first camp was held in September 2022 just outside of Lisbon and the second one in the French Alps and then a third one in Portugal again. Lots of creation, inspiration and knowledge sharing. Check out Instagram for more photos and videos.

Portugal 2023

French Alps 2023

Portugal 2022

Other Camps

I also run Entrepreneur Camp the week before Creative Camp, Which is a similar concept but with a focus on developing your business or trying out a new business idea. entrepreneurcamp.carrd.co

Join WhatsApp Community

The WhatsApp community is where you can keep meet with others who enjoy creation. It's a way to more continuously get motivated and inspired by seeing what other campers are working on and share what you are up to. We run remote creative weeks and a group of constant show-and-tell.


I’m Markus, the founder of Creative Camp. I’m a Swede with a passion for different creative pursuits, like art, music, design and software. I run an Investing app, do data science consulting and am currently building a software tool to speed up the creation of high fidelity illustrations using AI. I took an art class 10 years ago with an amazing community; where people improved rapidly and had a great time learning and creating. I have missed that community feeling for creation ever since. The idea for Creative Camp came after a surf camp where the people were amazing but I felt something was missing since I didn’t create anything or progress in areas I cared about. So I started Creative Camp!

Creative Compass

The creative compass is a worksheet to help you prioritise your creative projects and make sure you are heading in your desired direction with your creative ambitions.

Get in touch

Write a message if you have any questions, I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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You will get an email with the creative compass PDF and instructions how to use it. We fill this together at the start of every camp.

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